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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Leftover Goodness - Chicken Soup from Osso Buco Broth

Yesterday I posted the amazing Osso Buco recipe (Check it out here!)

I mentioned that the broth left in the stock pot is packed with flavor and would be GOLD to use later. 

I decided to used that gold to make Chicken and Polish Noodle Soup!

- Magic Broth (if not magic broth... use chicken broth)
- Carrots (about 5 large)
- 1 Large Onion
- 4-5 Celery
- Green Onions
- 1 pound Chicken
- Additional Chicken Broth (1 or more cans) 
- One Whole Garlic peeled and minced
- Polish noodles (or any other thick noodle) 
- Salt, Pepper, and seasonings of your choosing

 Dice the vegetables and onion.  Mix with Magic Broth in a large stock pot. 
Cook on medium heat to sweat out the vegetables. 


- While the vegetables are sweating, peel and mince your garlic.  Place garlic in stock pot with the vegetables to cook. 

- Dice Chicken and place in with vegetables and broth.


Boil your Noodles until it is slightly firm and drain. 

- Add noodles to the broth and vegetables.  If more broth is needed, as chicken broth to the soup.  Shut off heat.  The noodles with take in flavor and soften more. 

- Season soup to your liking with salt, pepper, etc. 

** I enjoyed eating this soup with my Martha Stewart magazine.  

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