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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cookbook Overload!

I have over 200 cookbooks.  The 200 cookbooks I have are the contenders after I purged about 250 other cookbooks.

Let that sink in... I owned about 450 cookbooks at the same time! 

I love cookbooks of all kinds! Old cookbooks with strange recipes I would NEVER try are like novels to read and enjoy.  Christmas cookbooks with ideas on how to spruce of the holiday cheer with a spicy hot cocoa are amazing and spectacular to read while drinking that same spiced cocoa! I have countless Julia Child cookbooks that are written with a narrative dialogue.  As a result, I feel like I'm hearing that famous woman speak to me about aspics and cornish hens.  My particular favorite kind of cookbooks are baking cookbooks.  I have all sorts of baking cookbooks, with themes ranging from gluten free (which I am anything but), to cupcakes, tea sweets, European, cookies, bake sales, and more! 

My husband still thinks I have too many cookbooks, but let me tell you... letting those other 250 go was like losing so many opportunities!  I never cracked many of those books open.  I find a thrift store, yard sale, or library clearance, and just buy buy buy all the cookbooks I can find.  I sometimes buy a book I already have... To me, that means that book MUST be a keeper, because I wanted it twice! 

I know with Pinterest and google, cookbooks are not needed as much.  You can find a thousands of brownie recipes with a single google search.  Heck, an entire Italian menu can be planned from the internet without spending the time matching dishes together.  

Even with those time savers, I still think there is nothing like a cookbook.  Cookbooks in your hand, perusing indexes, and looking at pictures, get my mind racing with ideas.  Even if I don't have time to make that double chocolate chip cake today, I'll make a mental note that someday, I MUST bake that cake.  

There is also so much room to grow with cookbooks. With the internet, you are limited.  I know that makes no sense at first, but hear me out.  The internet requires you to punch in a keyword when searching for a recipe.  You must tell the search engine "Italian"..."cookies"...."Chicken and Rice"... etc.  Pinterest also requires some guidance.  It is not until you spend a lot of time pinning recipes that your home feed starts suggesting many recipes without prompting.  In other words, you must tell the internet what you are looking for.  This is fine, but it takes away a certain level of spontaneity.   With cookbooks, you open an index to "B" for brownies... as you look down the list you see "Banana Foster".... "Black Joe Cake".... "Blueberry Pie".... "Brownies".... "Brownies, Peanut Butter"..... Brownies, Marshmallow"... and the list goes on! 

You only wanted a recipe for Brownies, but now you brain is saying... "Hmmmm.... a Blueberry Pie for the bake sale next week sounds like a good idea... something most people wouldn't make!" You start thinking "What is Black Joe Cake?" You flip through the pages of the cookbook and find a recipe you never would have known existed! You discover Black Joe Cake is a coffee chocolate cake with smooth peanut butter icing.  Your taste buds tell you that a Black Joe Cake sounds infinitely better than brownies. And your baking experience is broadened.  This can happen online, but it is far less likely in my opinion. 

Cookbooks, when coupled with fantastic photos, have the tendency to grab your creative side of the brain and not let go.  I see a picture of some amazing pork chops and I am halfway out the door to buy pork chops!  The internet does not have the same effect on me. 

I am trying to keep myself from buying anymore cookbooks for the time being... but I cannot make any promises.  Each book is a wealth of possibilities and a kind of new world to explore... much like novels. 

What is your favorite cookbook or cookbooks? Do you like the internet better than printed books? 

Another day I will let you in on another cookbook obsession of mine... Gooseberry Patch... 

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