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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ready to Begin

I am ready to begin the process of blogging!

The first difficulty I met when thinking about regularly posting here is the word "regular."  My family will tell you I do not always follow through in life.  I start projects, but I don't always complete them.  I have a scrap blanket that is very close to completion... but it remains folded up in a basket next to my rocking chair, waiting for me to crochet the final balls of scrap yarn and hide the end pieces.  Heck, there is a cake in my kitchen waiting for me to make the lemon curd topping.

I just have difficulty with follow through.

As a result, the idea of posting daily.... weekly... is daunting to me.  I started thinking about how I could overcome this hurdle.  Maybe I make each day have a theme. Savory Saturdays... Sweet Sundays... Quick and Easy Wednesdays...  Maybe I do a lot of things one day and save them for future posts.  Or better yet, maybe I post my plan about planning how to post regularly in the future... BUSTED!

Hopefully blogging will become a habit that is both relaxing and helpful.  I know how much I love step by step instructions and insights in baking and cooking.  Visuals are immensely helpful.  Let's try it and see how it goes.

Okay... The CURRENT plan:

Baking Post
Cooking Post
Craft Update Post
Craft Show Post

Wish me luck and come back to see the first post


Almond Horns... delectable!

1 comment:

  1. :) Sounds great! You have inspired me to get moving on mine!