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Friday, March 24, 2017

Baker's Dozen -

My sister Mary and I talk weekly, sometimes daily about everything or nothing.  Even though she is 7 years older than me, we find ourselves with many of the same interests.  We both love to cook, bake, craft, and start projects.  We found ourselves talking about the fact that if we were forced to describe what we loved to do best, we could not pick on activity.  Instead, we would have to settle on the fact that what we love most is trying new things.  

As a result, we both settled on opening blogs dedicated to all the things that we love to dabble in.  We each have our own interests, which will make our blogs different in their own way.  She is a librarian, with three dogs, and an eye for the next trend.  I am an avid baker, with 2 cats and a dog, who crams every craft into a very messy craft room.  

I am excited to share recipes and crafts with readers and fellow craft enthusiasts.  It will be a journey, one that I hope will be full of full and great experiences. 

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